Our Office Phone
Within Australia (08) 91 614 326
International +61 8 91614326

Our office hours are from 8am to 5pm, 7 days, Western Australian time.
When calling from the Eastern States please allow for the time difference (up to 3 hrs in the summer, from daylight saving states ! ).
Our Office Fax
Within Australia (08) 91 614 201
International +61 8 91 614 201

Our Office eMail

Please enter our eMail address (seen left in the corrupted image) into your email application.
Sorry about the lack of a convenient, pop-up email link. Like many website owners, we are continually swamped with robot generated spam. Having no actual text based email address anywhere on the site helps to avoid this

Our Office Snailmail
Drysdale River Station, PMB 9 Kununurra,
Western Australia, 6743.
We have a weekly mail plane - please allow time for delivery to this remote area.
Our Facilities & Services

For Enquiries and/or Bookings for any of our facilities or services listed below, please contact our office by phone, fax, or email (details above).
ACCOMMODATION; ROOMS Overnight accommodation:
See our accommodation page for photos and details.
We can also offer accommodation suitable for working people staying in this area for a longer term.
MEALS - OPEN TO ALL TRAVELLERS Dinner in the restaurant.
Served at 6.30 pm - PLEASE book preferably in advance or at least as soon as you arrive; we can only serve a limited number so advance booking avoids disappointment.
We also offer more basic beer garden meals, 5pm to 5.45pm; again, please book asap on arrival.

Lunch in the beer garden.
Short order board - no booking required, open 11 am to 2 pm daily.

7.00 am to 7.45 am - please book the prior evening.

SCENIC FLIGHTS We handle the scenic flight bookings from our office.