(Departing Drysdale daily, on demand)
Shoal Air's own Printed Flyer can be accessed

For over 25 years, during each dry season (from approximately May to the end of August),
there has been a plane based at Drysdale River Station offering unforgettable flight excursions.
These excursions are operated by Shoal Air and include the following D1, D2 and D3 options.
Seat prices on the D1 & D2 trips depend on booking numbers; if you advance book, we will do
our very best to get the best possible price by filling the plane. You are not obligated to fly if we
do not manage to book others, therefore allowing a reduced seat price for all.

Flight Plans on offer include:

Kimberley coastline and islands (there are photos below on this page).
Available 0630, 0930, and 1400 daily (2.3 hr flight) from Drysdale River Station
Airfield. 2021 prices = 4+ pax: $490pp / 3 pax: $650pp / 2 pax: $980pp.

Take off from Drysdale River Station and fly over Mt Hann, track along the Prince
Regent River and descend to King Cascades, follow the river to St George Basin
and the striking Mt Trafalgar and Mt Waterloo.
Traversing Prince Frederick Harbour we overfly the many islands stretching across
the bay. Past Naturalist Island and the majestic Indian Head, travel the Hunter River
and circuit over the sheer Donkin Hills Falls.
Then on to circle over the iconic Mitchell River Falls with ample opportunity to capture
a perfect photograph. Departing the Falls we track south-east back to Drysdale River
Station. Total flight time is approx 21⁄4 hours in the air.

(there are photos below on this page).
Available 0630 daily from Drysdale River Station airfield. Returns 1600 approx.
MAY to AUGUST 2019. 2021 prices= 4+ pax: $980pp / 3 pax: $1,295pp / 2 pax: $1,960pp

This tour is designed for visitors who are primarily interested in experiencing the Mitchell Falls
on the ground. (Fitness is required for this 4km hike)
Departs Drysdale River Station at 0630am for the 40 minute direct flight to Mitchell Plateau
airfield and 4WD transfer the start of the Punamii-unpuu Hiking Trail. First stop on the
4.5km walk is the picturesque Little Merten Falls with its refreshing rock pools and
stunning gallery of Gwion Gwion artwork immediately below.
Next destination is Big Merten Falls and its awesome vista to the gorge beyond.
The Mitchell River crossing is a great place for a swim before finding the perfect
rock ledge to enjoy your picnic lunch with the majestic Mitchell Falls in full view.
After ample time to explore we head for the Falls helicopter base to board our heli
taxi back to the campground, including a loop around the Falls. The 30 minute 4WD
journey brings us back to the airfield. Another 35 minute flight brings back to Drysdale Station.

(D3) DISCOVER MITCHELL FALLS (Luxury Stay & Guided Touring)
0630 departure on day 1. Returns to Drysdale at 0900 on day 2
Minimum 2 guests (twin share) $1,980pp
Coastal scenic air transfer one way and direct flight the other way, 4WD to/from National Park,
escorted hike to Merten Falls, Rock Art sites, Mitchell Falls, Helicopter transfer out. Luxury tent
accommodation with ensuite. All meals included. (Fitness is required for this hike)
This tour is the ultimate combination of luxury and adventure. We depart Drysdale Stn at 0630
for the 1.5 hr coastal scenic flight to Mitchell Plateau (as per D1). Enroute we view Mt Hann, Prince Regent River, Mt Trafalgar, Prince Frederick Harbour, then orbit the magnificent Mitchell River Falls.
Arriving at the Mitchell Plateau airfield at 0800 we take a 4WD transfer to the start of the
Punamii-unpuu Hiking Trail and informative guided walk to the Falls with snacks
and drinks provided at picturesque rest stops along the trail.
Explore the Mitchell Falls rock pools and enjoy a packed picnic lunch. Take an exhilarating
helicopter flight back to the Base. Your guide will then transfer you to the spectacular
Mitchell Falls Wilderness Lodge, for a swim or relaxation at Camp Creek, dinner and
luxury tented accommodation overnight. After breakfast on day 2, transfer to
Mitchell Plateau airfield. At 0815am we depart Mitchell Plateau for the 35 minute direct
return flight to Drysdale River Station.

Some of the attractions seen on the D1 flight plan.

Mount Hann

Headwaters of the Prince Regent River

Distant view, mouth of the Prince Regent River

Mount Waterloo and Mount Trafalgar

The Merten and Mitchell Falls

Roe River Entrance

King Cascades

Donkin Hill Falls

Mt Trafalgar and Mt Waterloo, overlooking the St George Basin

Islands in the Prince Frederick Harbor

Naturalists Island

Indian Head

Hunter River, looking toward Prince Frederick Harbor

Below, some of the attractions on the D2 Day Trek excursion and the D3 'stay overnight' trip.