Hire Vehicles; A few points on access to our region

Many of the hire car companies DO NOT allow certain roads to be used.
Some of these roads can in places be very corrugated at various times, but problems mostly only happen due to driver error.

Driving on a corrugated gravel roads may make it harder to control the vehicle,  especially when one is inexperienced on gravel and/or trying to drive too fast!
It is NOT like driving on bitumen; you can’t speed then hit the brakes and expect to stop, because you won’t. Instead, you will slide on the loose gravel and probably lose control of the vehicle. But, no problems IF you always drive to suit the conditions !

The hire companies had a lot of accidents and breakdowns and it costs them a fortune to get a truck to go and pick up a broken vehicle from very remote locations. Such a remote pick up can cost many thousands of dollars.
Some companies just banned the Port Warrender road (commonly known as the Mitchell plateau track) but some companies also banned some of the Kalumburu Road.
Drysdale River Station is 60 km up the Kalumburu road and access as far as Drysdale is normally allowed, but check please.

It's essential you always check exactly where any vehicle you plan to hire is allowed to travel. If on an unapproved road you will have totally voided all insurance cover. 

This little map below is an easy reference for you to understand which road is which.
The colours show each road. Please always remember to check when hiring any vehicle.